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  • 17Wins 1.0

    from Kids to Adults this game is for everyone. Try to get seventeen and win Instructions: Please unzip this to your desktop. Open folder Double click on 17wins Enjoy and have
  • 22 Strategy Games 2.4

    from mazes to mahjongg to tetris and more. 22 challenging kidsafe games for all ages. This award winning game pak will keep you thinking and has something for everyone, test your brain on our strategy games or just waste
  • 3D Frohe Weihnachten Bildschirmschoner 1.0

    from the developers of the awesome Christmas Time 3D Screensaver that was downloaded over 100,000 times in a single day comes another huge hit. This magnificent animated screensaver will help you create the right
  • A New Beginning (English) 1.0

    from Daedalic Entertainment, the makers of The Whispered World, comes a new, thrilling adventure: A New Beginning takes you to a dark and frightening vision of a future, where a global climate catastrophe threatens the
  • Ancient Empires Lux 1.0

    from Sumeria to Egypt, India to China, Greece to Rome, Ancient Empires Lux takes you on a comprehensive trip through early history. You can play as 58 different nations overall. Background information and links to full
  • Ancient Empires Lux for Mac 1.0

    from Sumeria to Egypt, India to China, Greece to Rome, Ancient Empires Lux takes you on a comprehensive trip through early history. You can play as 58 different nations overall. Background information and links to full
  • Anxiety Diary 1.0

    from comes Anxiety Diary v1.0, a user-friendly electronic mental health diary system that can be used to log daily events, appointments, monitor therapy, keep track of medications and chart the
  • Appetise Web Design Melbourne 2.0

    from Professional Web design Melbourne, based company Chromatix. An application to help with photography and food
  • AsteriskWin32 0.66

    from caller ID to long distance, anything your telephone system can do, Asterisk can do better and cheaper.Asterisk was designed to be able to do everything a traditional telephone system can do, and much, much more.
  • AsteroidRush 1.0

    from a central position, maneuver your ship by using the side arrow keys. Use the Up arrow to fire and down arrow to release bombs. Shoot power ups to get faster shots, shields and bombs to save you from 'no way out'
  • Bass Avenger 1.0

    from the creators of Deer Avenger, where the hunted become the hunters, comes the role-reversing Bass Avenger. Your mission is to manage your lures, attract fishermen, and reel them in. Lures include toilet paper, pizza,
  • Billeo

    from start to finish Billeo's unique combination of features make any transaction--from online shopping purchases to bill payments--easier, faster, and more secure. Billeo creates a private, encrypted vault on your own
  • Castles of Europe Windows 7 Theme -

    from medieval ruins to Gothic Revival Castles, this free theme for Windows 7 brings to your desktop some of Europe???s most beautiful ch??teaus, fortresses, and castillos. Includes architecture from Scandinavia, France,
  • Christmas Coloring Book 1.0

    from year to year a fairy tail comes back to us and takes our favorite characters with it. They have not changed since we first met them. After wishing happiness, love, and success to everyone they go to our children.
  • dbzNetBuddy 1.2

    from time to time, the Network Administrator or internet user needs tools to gather information on the status of computers in the LAN or to trace the route of network packets. dbzNetBuddy is a tool to deliver information
  • DealerSim (tm) Poker 1.0

    from the Creators of the BarSim (tm) Interactive Bartending Training Simulation come the most realistic Casino Dealer Simulation EVER! .Learn how to deal Poker (Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo & Seven Card Stud) & Blackjack
  • Desktop Aqua 3D Screensaver 1.0

    from Eye Catching Screensavers, the creator of such wildly imaginative screensavers as Magus Crow 3D and Greece Aquarium 3D, comes a new beauty, Desktop Aqua 3D. This aqua fantasy comes to life when you give your
  • Digital Blasphemy Galaxy Wallpaper 1.0

    from the Digital Blasphemy collection. A spiral galaxypeers through a field of
  • Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets for Mac 1.0

    from famed designer Jane Jensen comes this bone-chilling seek-and-find hidden object mystery. Go way beyond regular hidden-object finding to solve other kinds of puzzles, learn an interesting story, and enjoy some of the
  • DVR365 Player 2008-A

    from time to time advancements are made to the software for the DVR365 range so it is worth checking out the list of updates below to ensure that you are using the very latest technology.The latest Client software
  • Egg vs. Chicken 1.0

    from the team that created Diner Dash, here's a new hit game! Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out in this eggsterically funny action puzzler! Launch eggs against ruthless roosters and marauding hens!
  • Fizzball 1.0

    from the same developers that brought you the addictive puzzle game, Professor Fizzwizzle, here's another fun game that you'll be able to play for hours. Plus, the Prof is back! This time you must bounce bubbles, feed
  • Flyers Screen Saver 1.0

    from the smallest to the most colorful, enjoy natures flying wonders-flutterbyes as you watch our screensaver that includes lady bugs, hummingbirds, butterflies and
  • Frameline 47 3.1

    from Capture & encoding to editing, annotation, export & publishing; Frameline 47 provides an impressive set of video processing functionality... Once your media is in Frameline, there is lots you can do with it. The
  • Free WMP to MPEG-4 Audio Converter 1.2.3

    from the name: Free WMP to MPEG-4 Audio Converter, we know that its focused aim is to convert WMP to MPEG-4 Audio and it's free, totally free. It can convert superfast, however, you do not need to worry about the output
  • From BMP to PDF

    from BMP to PDF converter creator create PDF with .bmp images in a click. PDF from BMP images is quick tool with user friendly interface act in speedy mode no need of any supportive tool for conversion of BMP images into
  • From Dusk Till Dawn demo

    from Dusk Till Dawn demo is a new and fascinating game. Seth Gecko, sole survivor of the cult-action film 'from Dusk Till Dawn' is sentenced to death in the place of his brother, and has 72 hours left to live. He is
  • From Dust 1.0

    from Dust
  • From Dust: 'Tech Demo #1' Video HD 1.0

    from Dust: 'Tech Demo #1' Video
  • From The Abyss 1.0

    from The Abyss screenshots